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Tuesday, August 26th 2008, 11:11am

Author: khalida

Edward Furlong

Anyons seen pet semetar 2 coz i have seen only one Eddie movie .i.e. Terminator 2.Any one knows more about his other movies,just let me know!

Wednesday, December 19th 2007, 10:19pm

Author: khalida

Gus Lewis

Gus Lewis has starred in TV series called "I shouldn't be alive",can anyone bring pictures of him from that episode?I really like this actor as he impressed me very much with his role as young Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins!!!

Friday, July 6th 2007, 9:10am

Author: khalida

Any more pictures of him!

Can anyone please bring more pictures of Gus Lewis ?.

Monday, July 2nd 2007, 8:17am

Author: khalida

Thanks !

Thanks Nathan for the pictures!.I couldn't find these images in other websites!Love those images!

Sunday, July 1st 2007, 10:59am

Author: khalida

RE: Gus Lewis

Pictures of him !

Sunday, July 1st 2007, 9:54am

Author: khalida

Gus Lewis

He has played young Bruce Wayne at the age of 8 in ďBatman Begins 2005Ē.Can anyone bring me some pictures of him or give me his unofficial site?If you do it,Iíll be very pleased for it!

Saturday, April 7th 2007, 10:24am

Author: khalida

Last Post !


Monday, March 19th 2007, 7:51am

Author: khalida

* italian* language!

The movie" Over The Top" is actually distributed & presented by Italian International Film !I've seen the movie in two languages,english & italian language.In english language it's okay ,not bad.But in italian language,it's more good & interesting too!.Especially the voice of David Mendenhall is good & funny coz he keeps on saying sinyoure ,barbee,ayouza papa,so on....Although i don't know italian language but still I loved this movie in italian language than in english language!

Thursday, March 15th 2007, 7:27am

Author: khalida

You are right!

100% correct. It's true that David has he grew up changed completely from a cute boy into a ugly looking guy!I like kids only when they are good looking or handsome which fascinates me much but as they grow older or disapperars from the movie world,i don't like them that much as i've liked them only when they were kids !

Wednesday, March 14th 2007, 8:45am

Author: khalida

RE: Images

Here are some images of David Mendenhall in movies like Space Raiders,Secrets of the ice cave & Streets.I've haven't seen these movies but i got these images from an unknown website.After seeing these images,i felt that David was only cute in Space Raiders, Over the top,& Going bananas!.But he's not at all handsome in Secrets of the ice cave & Streets.It's true that many kids change completely when they grow up!Some look very handsome & some look ugly.Such is the case with David Mendenhall

Friday, March 9th 2007, 10:03am

Author: khalida

RE: Images

Anyone who would like to share images of DAVID MENDENHALL with me? What do you say ?

Tuesday, March 6th 2007, 8:52am

Author: khalida

Premiere pictures of A.I 2001

Haley looks gorgeous & handsome in the premiere of the movie Artificial Intelligence 2001

Monday, March 5th 2007, 8:10am

Author: khalida

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

I love watching Haleyís movies very much.Let me name them.i.e. A.I. Artificial Intelligence,Sixth Sense, Pay it forward & so onÖ.Among them I mostly love A.I. Artificial Intelligence coz it has a beautifully told fairy tale story with wonderfully done special effects.Hereís a short description of the movie. A.I. Artificial Intelligence In this futuristic fairy tale, "David", a highly-advanced robotic boy, hopes to become a real boy so that he can win back the affection of the human mother who ab...

Wednesday, February 28th 2007, 8:31am

Author: khalida


I got these images from a friend & I hope you like them too!

Thursday, February 15th 2007, 9:25am

Author: khalida

Haley Joel Osment

My greatest child actor of all times- HALEY JOEL OSMENT ! Dear Casperworld, I would like to say something about Haley Joel Osment, my greatest child actor. Everyone knows clearly that he would have won the Oscar for his role in "sixth sense" but it went to an adult actor. This made me upset that Hollywood does not give justice to this wonderfully talented actor, i mean Haley Joel Osment. At least Hollywood should have given a golden globe award to Haley, but then also they couldn't give to him. ...

Thursday, February 15th 2007, 9:01am

Author: khalida

Iíve no more images of David Mendenhall!

Dearest fans of David Mendenhall, I am very sorry to tell you that I cannot bring anymore images of David Mendenhall coz I donít have any pictures of him! All those pictures Iíve posted in my forums were the last & final ones I had!

Thursday, February 15th 2007, 8:56am

Author: khalida

To Jimbo

Dear Jimbo, I brought these images just to impress the fans of David Mendenhall & not for those who opposes me! Whatever I wrote, it was only for David Mendenhallís fans & nothing else . Please donít ask me why I wrote it! Jimbo, if you arenít a fan of this actor, please donít embarrass me by answering to my posts ! You think I am only fascinated by this actor you are definitely wrong . Let me tell you I also like other child stars too, say, Edward Furlong, Haley Joel Osment,Cameron Bright,Danni...